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Welcome to Carmel Speech and Myo. Our mission is to improve our client’s quality of life by providing personalized, effective, and efficient therapy in an enjoyable and meaningful context. 

Experience Matters

Andrea has over 24 years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  She has provided services in a variety of settings, including the First Steps early intervention program, public and private schools, and private practice.  Each year in practice provided her the opportunity to learn from her clients and families and to constantly and conscientiously improve her therapy skills.

Andrea earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Marian University and master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Indiana University.  Having a degree in Psychology gives her not only a unique empathetic perspective and compassionate approach to every individual and family but also highly-developed observational and critical thinking skills.

Andrea holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and her Indiana professional license.


Passionate about Learning

Andrea is passionate about improving her clinical skills through continuing education courses in order to provide current, evidence-based therapy.  She has completed post-graduate training in Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders through the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy (AOMT), the International Association of Orofacial Myology (IAOM), the D'Onofrio Institute, TOTS Training, and numerous other conferences and symposiums.   She has earned the ASHA ACE Award for Continuing Education multiple times.

Specialized Caseload

Andrea provides therapy for only a handful of communication disorder diagnoses, not with the intent of being exlusionary, but with the aim of being exceptional in these target areas.  She has found that focusing on a small number of disorders allows her to keep up-to-date with research and therapy techniques which results in better outcomes for clients and a more fulfilling career.


About Us




Speech Sound Disorders

Articulation Disorders

Phonological Disorders

Childhood Apraxia of Speech


Speech sounds disorders can be rooted in a variety of causes, including motor-planning deficits, muscle weakness, linguistic/phonological deficits, or orofacial myofunctional disorders.  Proper differential diagnosis of speech sound disorders is the critical foundation for effective and efficient treatment.  Andrea has post-graduate training in Childhood Apraxia of Speech, including DTTC and the Kaufman method, and incorporates the principles of motor learning.  Andrea also has specialized training to identify and treat orofacial myofunctional disorders which is often a missing component to persistent speech disorders that do not respond to traditional therapy or are unable to generalize outside of the therapy room.  

   Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders

Tongue and Lip Ties

Reverse Swallow

Tongue Thrust

Improper Tongue Resting Position 

Mouth Breathing

Dental Malocclusion

Orthodontic Relapse


Sleep Disordered Breathing and Apnea


According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, "Orofacial myofunctional disorders (OMDs) are patterns involving oral and orofacial musculature that interfere with normal growth, development, or function of orofacial structures, or call attention to themselves (Mason, n.d.A). OMDs can be found in children, adolescents, and adults. OMDs can co-occur with a variety of speech and swallowing disorders. OMD may reflect the interplay of learned behaviors, physical/structural variables, genetic and environmental factors (Maspero, Prevedello, Giannini, Galbiati, & Farronato, 2014)."

A formal myofunctional therapy program is most appropriate for ages 8 and up, however, strategies may be incorporated for children ages 4 and up.

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Language Disorders

Expressive Language Disorder

Receptive Language Disorder

Late Talkers

International Adoption

Carmel Speech and Myo specializes in language development for ages 1-5.  Therapy is play-based, fun, and functional.   Andrea was involved in the First Steps early-intervention program for nearly 20 years and understands the importance of listening to family members and empowering them through involvement.

Our Services


In-person services are offered at our Carmel location. 

Teletherapy services are not available at this time.

The Process

Schedule a free
phone consultation

Start with a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine if your needs are the right fit for our services.

Attend an Evaluation

Evaluations are typically 60-90 minutes and include intake interview and formal assessment for speech, language, and/or orofacial myofunctional disorders.  Results will be discussed at the time of the evaluation and a written report will be shared within 3 weeks.

We require a credit card on file at the time of scheduling.

Begin Therapy

Based on the evaluation results, we may recommend therapy and/or make a referral to another professional to first address related symptoms (e.g., mouth breathing).  When therapy is recommended, we will collaborate to develop an individualized treatment plan and measurable goals. 

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600 E. Carmel Dr.

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Carmel, IN 46032

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Phone/text: 317-207-1246


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